Daily, Booking, Cancellation Policy

Our prices are set according to the period of use and number of occupants in our suites. The rates start at 2:00 p.m. and close at 12 noon the following day regardless of the time of entry.
The reservation is made upon payment of 50% of the total amount of the daily / package, and payment must be made within 12 hours after the pre-booking is made. The remaining balance must be paid at the entrance. The payment of the signal will imply CANCELLATION of the pre-reservation, regardless of communication.
After the deposit has been made, it is requested that a copy of the receipt be sent by fax or email (, duly identified by the tenant.
For reservations made within 48 hours prior to the guest's entry into the Pousada, deposit vouchers will not be accepted through bank envelopes. In this case, if the credit is not made until the moment of entry, the total amount of the stay will be charged, for later return, once the deposit is confirmed.
Reservations can be made through the telephones, 12 3832-2111, 12-3833-7775 or by email,
Changes to reservations will only be allowed upon previous availability, convenience and tariff consultation.
The guest is responsible for reimbursement of any damages arising in case of damages to the suites and utensils of the Pousada.
With the deposit of the reservation made, the guest declares to be aware and accepts all the clauses of this regulation.